Download Fortnite and play in almost any console and mobile device

The game of the moment is Fortnite, as the cultural and social phenomena coming out of the world of videogames to make fall in love fans and not so much fans, with and addictive battle royale style and mechanics, outstanding optimization, compatibility in platforms and even more an amazing cross-play possibility like no other game can provide at present time, without any doubt.

What is Fortnite and what is the objective of the game?

In details, Fortnite is a PVP or player-vs-player battle royale game where up to 100 players can participate, landing from the flying “Battle Buses” with no weapons or resources whatsoever, which they should start looking at the moment the land in the fighting arena.

So, the objective of the game is to fight and kill the other participants by using different weapons, pikes and other resources and also establishing strategies and defenses with strong forts. Also, be hidden and wait for the enemy to surprise them and direct combat looking for players to kill are very fun tactics to follow.

The game has a fluid and easy mechanics in terms of control and optimization in every platform where is available. However, cheaters are not allow and players who wait hidden too much time in just one place for the others to kill each other will be killed by the storm, changing permanently its ratio of action what makes necessary for players to get on the move and favor direct encounters.

Why is Fortnite such a huge deal right now?

Fortnite is the game everybody is talking and playing right now. However, why is it that this game is having such a huge impact right now? There are several questions why Fortnite is a huge success right now. First of all, it is a completely free-to-play title that can be downloaded in every console and platform where it is compatible.

Fortnite has versions for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac OS, as well as a proper version for mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. Therefore, almost anyone can play the game by having one of these platforms available and it results easy for future players to find a device where to play, such a PC that do not have to meet with ridiculous high-end requirements.

In fact, Fortnite is optimized to be played on low-end PCs at decent frame rates thanks to a cartoonish but fun look that make graphics a little lighter to handle by CPU and CPU. The same case occurs with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One if first underpowered versions are compared to most advanced releases, such as the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

But, maybe one of the key reasons that explain the success of Fortnite is the cross-play capabilities of the game, even between home consoles and mobile devices and making players from around the world to face each other in the arena, regardless of the platform they are using and even having all purchases and general progress available, just by linking official platform account with Epic Games account.


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