Fortnite Nintendo Switch release date information

Fortnite is the multi-platform videogame of the moment where you can face other 99 players to be the last one standing, by using the most powerful weapons in the arena while you build amazing forts to protect you from the storm and the other competitors.

You can enjoy playing Fortnite in every system available of the current generation of consoles, and of course Nintendo would not stay behind with the potential of their Switch console in a game of this sort.

Because of this, we will talk about Fortnite Nintendo Switch release date information, how to install the game and other related matters of interest for those owners of the console who want to enjoy of the most popular battle royale game of the year.

Fortnite for Nintendo Switch is available now

In details, Fortnite for Nintendo Switch was released on June 12th, 2018 and it is available for free directly accessing to the Nintendo Shop in the console. You just need to have a proper SD card with at least 5 GB of available storage to save the game and an internet connection for stable downloading.

It is worthy to stand out that the download of the game is completely free and items and packs can be purchased directly on Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch, with the corresponding benefits this console represents for the users in the mobile and home using approach, as something the other consoles from this generation cannot provide.

Playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch is another experience

Since the Fortnite Nintendo Switch release date, users of this console are able to have the ultimate experience in mobile and local gaming options, with a suitable controller that definitely offers advantage in comparison to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with tactile interface.

So, with Nintendo Switch Fortnite can be played at home connected to a proper big screen with Full HD out, and also the game can be enjoyed on the portable screen of the device practically anywhere and with online functionalities, since the WIFI receiver of the Switch can be connected to a smartphone to get online.

On the other hand, just like it happens with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the Nintendo Switch users can enjoy of cross-play between other systems and mobile devices running Android and iOS, having them the same progress achieved on the Nintendo┬┤s console, along with previous purchases and level obtained in all systems available.


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