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Fortnite is the game of the moment. In this site we will tell you how to download Fortnite Game for Android, PC, XBox, Nintendo. All the information about this game.

Are you ready to lead a group of Heroes and rebuild life almost extinct due to a mysterious storm of Lila, which has destroyed and left the planet empty of inhabitants? Now the survivors must come together to build fortresses, find or build weapons and traps to protect the survivors from the dangerous monsters that emerge during the Storm. Or do you prefer to face the battlefield of Battle Royale, where you will have to run, hide and collect weapons or tools to survive?

Fortnite is the best game of the lasted years.

A strange lilac storm covers the planet. 98% of the world population disappears, but for the worst survivors it is still to come. From the strange storm arise monsters that attack the humans with whom they are. Monsters are humanoid creatures similar to zombies called Shell or Husks.

Survivors find a way to stop them with anti-storm shields and create military groups charged with defending the bases created around the world where the last inhabitants of the earth live. These brave now have the mission to find resources, other survivors and try to expand the shield and return the planet to its normal state.

Fortnite Characters

Fortnite has different characters. Then we tell you about each of them.


The monsters or Huks are the product of the mysterious lilac storm, which advances all over the planet and destroys everything in its path. Of a violent and destructive nature, the monsters are motivated by a single motivation: to wreak havoc and destroy everything that surrounds them, including defense objectives, structures, heroes and survivors.

The soldiers

The soldier provides most of the firepower, is a character directly aimed at combat, the ability to weaken enemies and destroy monsters. He is very good at handling heavy weapons and long range.
Among the many skills that can be acquired is the manufacture of grenades and mines, which increases their destructive power for when enemies begin to reach the fort.
He can even concentrate all the damage on a particular enemy for a limited time, so he can shoot down the toughest creatures on his own.


The instructor is the one who improves the bases so that they can better resist the attacks of the enemy. It is much easier for him to build, and he does it more efficiently than the rest of the classes. The builder is a master with the construction tools, although with the disadvantage of his speed, he is the slowest of all the classes.
The builder is a great defensive class, with skills that allow him to quickly build the strongest defensive structures.


The ninja is the type of attack, recognition and also an excellent warrior in hand-to-hand combat. You can perform a double jump to jump over the walls. Throw ninja stars that cause deadly damage if they are linked in a row. They are the fastest of all classes. The ninjas focus on fast and technically perfect attacks.


The Worldtrotter class is a lone wolf. The characters in this class are specialized in survival and resource collection, but they also have some skills to build and fight.
The globetrotter generally depends on external supports, such as the use of TEDDY or shields.

Why Download Fortnite? The best Battle Royale!

Harvest of materials breaking things with your tools. Look for weapons and objects of varied oddities in treasure chests, boxes of ammunition. Build to defend yourself, move around the map and attack your opponents.
In Batlle royale your opponents are not monsters, but other players. Your field of play is an island, where you must jump out of the Battle Bus and descend clinging to incredible parachutes. Down with chaos and dozens of enemies waiting to kill you.

Download Fortnite for Android and PC.

Skins and Weapons of Fortnite

In Battle Royale you can adapt your person to the personality that suits you best. Funny, scary or mythical, there are many masks or skins that can be used to change almost all the cosmetic aspects of your hero.
The Omega suit will make your character look like a villain who came directly from a superhero comic book. This suit has an intense black color, with bright red-orange markings and patterns around the body and frightening red eyes. If you want to see more in the rough, you can get the improved version: Omega Full Armor.

Skins of Fortnite

With these skins not only you will live to the maximum the action that offers Battle Royale, but also you will be able to create your own experience, enrich it and soak it with something more of your personality.
Cuddle’s loving appearance could conquer anyone, but with that slightly cross-eyed look and that scar on his head, it’s almost better to think twice.

Wukong one of the skins with more personality. With his suit, inspired by Chinese mythology, it is clear that you will not go unnoticed with this honorable warrior.

If it were not for his crazy face that seems to be taken from an asylum, this appearance of a soldier leader is completely realistic and vintage. But hey, knowing how hard and intense the Fortnite games are, it does not surprise us in the least that poor Crackshot has this face.

Black Knight is one of the most popular skins. His attire resembles a powerful knight in dark armor. Ghoul Trooper, Skull Trooper or the terrifying Battle Hound are not far from competing, and one of the skins is Fortnite’s most incredible.

Fortnite weapons

To fulfill your mission, you will need many weapons and ammunition. In Battle Royale, weapons can be obtained in treasure chests, falling supplies, on the ground or killing other players. Assault rifles, rifles, pistols or grenade launchers are some of the types of weapons that can make you a powerful warrior.
Each new game mode presents us with new weapons. The vacuum tube launcher, for example, is one of many that appeared in “Surviving the Holidays”. The patch of the “Cyberpunk Heroes” surprised you with a set of incredible neon weapons like the Neon Weapon. The only thing we know is that it will be very difficult for you to decide which weapon to choose.

Fortnite game modes

While other games maintain a modality since its launch, Fortnite is committed to increasing the excitement at all times. And each of them is accompanied by new missions, play areas, weapons and objects, which makes the entertainment is always assured.

If every December 24, millions of children around the world wait for Santa’s gifts, in “Surviving the Holidays” you will have to run away from him because the gifts do not bring him. And those who love horror movies will make “Nightmares” their favorite form.

The days will be quiet, but the night will bring a multitude of enemies of all kinds. In “Survive the Storm” each night will be more difficult, a challenge that will increase to the limit for each player.

In “The Horde was armed”, a group of four players will have to build a case in a certain place and limited resources to then defend it from the successive hordes of wild enemies.

Fortnite objects

The objects are essential in the daily struggle. The multicolored and strange forms, the parachutes will be useful in your descent into enemy territory. Nor can you forget the spikes, which in the absence of firearms, will be very useful in defeating your opponents.

There is also a wide range of grenades that will solve things if you see yourself surrounded and without exit, as well as the healing elements, in cases where you are injured or do not have the strength to fight.
We can not let go of the traps, which are capable of annihilating a large number of enemies and, if you are a Wanderer, TEDDY, a “tender bear”, will not help anyone else. In the next video you learn how to download Fortnite.


A meteorite has crashed in the safe zone of the storm with a surprise inside, the Infinity Gauntlet! Whoever gets it will become the most powerful villain:

“Thanos, what are you waiting for to claim victory?

How to Download Fortnite? Is very easy!

If you want to download Fortnite for Android and the all consoles, we leave you below the link so you can play this great game on the official site:

Link to the Official Download to Fortnite Game

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