How to download Fortnite for Android easily

When it comes to openworld and battle royal video games, there is no more popular title in the world right now than Fortnite, with millions of downloads and physical copies sold for all the available system where it is compatible.

In Fortnite you are going to have the greatest of time, by ensuring your survival until you are the last one standing in the arena with other 99 players who have the same gold. In order to take down other players, you can face them with weapons and other resources you will be able to find, although you can wait to avoid battles but you have to remember the shrinking secure zone.

Now, the game is available for multiple systems and platforms through download and also physical discs in the case of PlayStation 4 and XBOX One, not being obviously the case for mobile platforms like Android and IOS. Fortnite also has a compatible version with Nintendo Switch and Mac OS.

Getting Fortnite on your Android Device

In details, you can download Fortnite for Android easily by accessing the official web page of Epic Game as the developer of the game. For users searching the game on Google Play there are bad news for them: such title will never be in the Android app platform provided by Google, as a decision carried out by the developer for optimization purposes.

For those Android users who want to play Fortnite on their devices, Epic Games offer their own distribution platform through the official website, by accessing this URL address: In this way, Android users just have to scan the QR code showed on the screen and the platform will inform if the device is compatible or not.

Unfortunately, compatible devices according to the official support page have to fulfill some minimal requirements than can be considered a little exclusive, such as having Android 8.0 or superior version, at least 3 GB of RAM and a GPU corresponding to models Adreno 530, Mali G-71 and Mali G-72 or higher version.

However, devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note9, along with Apple iPhone X, Xr, XS and XS Plus have being informed to be compatible from the first day, although recent flashships from other brands will run the game with no problem.

On the other hand, for those of you who want to try the game even if the download is not available on the official website, you always can try to install Fortnite as independent APK from the internet, as a 101 MB app.

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